Excellent results and better relationships in less time!

Klaus can offer companies and individuals a number of services, each focused on improving communication, streamlining workflows, and helping build better business relationships.


The "Club 42" is Klaus Tiefenbrunner's one on one coaching format that helps individuals and executives to accomplish their desired results fast.

An intellectual battle strengthens your defenses, makes you examine your own thoughts and reasoning, and prepares you to present your ideas move vivid and to sell yourself, stronger.
Just as important-good multi level sparring sometimes requires coach and contestant to lower their guard, duck and dodge, or sometimes just take a hit and keep fighting the good fight, moving forward.
After trading a few jabs with Klaus, you’ll be ready to come back out full swing – and maybe with a sparkling surprise hook.


An outsider will often see you much clearer than you can see yourself – Klaus will bring a perceptive eye to the specific challenges of your organization, identifies communicative and structural inefficiencies fast, and helps fix problems managers didn’t know existed.


Klaus’ incredible life story and multi-faceted career takes audiences on a roller-coaster ride from his small-town beginnings in the Bronx of Lower Austria, to Amsterdam, Damascus, Tel Aviv, into a fascinating Desert-Community before coming back full circle to Salzburg, Austria.

But that’s just the backdrop to his clear and very compelling methodology to help humans have more impactful, agile and sustainable relationships at work.

With a mix of personal anecdotes, academic research, and a comedic yet keen observation of the human condition, Klaus will inject energy and inspiration into your conference, seminar or retreat, all while giving attendees not only something to think about, but something to act on- instantly.


For small and large groups, Klaus offers Communication-Bootcamps.

These hosted workshops are designed to engage the brain and ignite the spirit. They make people re-define their work relationships in new exciting ways they’ve never tried before.

Klaus has a unique ability to take the theoretical and make it practical – giving your employees or colleagues hands-on strategies to play to their strengths, lead their field and develop the kind of team-work-ethic that helps companies win.