Raised by his loving parents in a small conservative Austrian village, Klaus was guided towards becoming a masterfully skilled communicator by his family, early on.

By age 21, he met the love of his life and built himself a sweet family, studied Hebrew and systematically decoded Israeli start-up culture during his many years of experience as a Project-and Office Manager in one of the world’s most notorious war zones.

Two decades later, he was a Regional Director with Casinos Austria leading his resort towards outstanding economic results and more finely tuned professional relationships, year after year.

Klaus was uniquely well-trained to help executives, managers and team-builders figure out how to effectively battle their communicative challenges efficiently- and to get back on track fast!- often, with a new spin.

After a lifetime of navigating and negotiating human interaction, foreign cultures and business relationships, along with a deep academic dive into the science and methodology of Communication, Business Administration and Conflict Negotiation-

Klaus is now focused on a new mission:

Helping his clients build better business relationships, in less time.

The results of those better relationships?

  • More efficient workflows
  • Bigger ROIs
  • Higher employee retention.

Klaus is the walking embodiment of how to teach soft skills to smart people- and he enjoys nothing more than sharing those impactful learnings with others.